Government House Tasmania Standard Protocol
(For attendance by Emeritus Professor Don Chalmers)

Announcements for Arrival and Departure

Note that announcements for the arrival and departure of Professor Chalmers will vary depending upon the venue and the surrounding circumstances and will be clarified in the brief which is prepared for each event.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the arrival of [e.g. our guest of honour/our patron] Emeritus Professor Don Chalmers.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Professor Chalmers is now departing.

Forms of Address

  • Professor Chalmers should be addressed and introduced as "Professor Chalmers".

Written Title

(for printed matter, programmes, plaques, etc)

  • Emeritus Professor Don Chalmers AO.


For Vice-Regal visits it is correct protocol that Professor Chalmers is:

  • Met as he alights from the Vice-Regal vehicle;
  • Escorted/accompanied throughout the event; and
  • Escorted to the vehicle when he departs.