King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark

Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

Her Excellency the Governor joins all Tasmanians to congratulate King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark on their accession to the Throne following the abdication of Queen Margrethe II.

Books are available at Government House for those who would like to leave a congratulatory message. Between 8 am and 4 pm daily from Monday 15 to Friday 19 January, access will be facilitated by the Government House Security Team to individuals who identify themselves using the intercom at the main gate.

People who attend the Lunch on the Lawns on Friday 19 January from 12 to 2 pm as previously advertised may access the books during that time.

An Online Book of Congratulations for His Majesty King Frederik X and Her Majesty Queen Mary is also available at the following site.

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