Interior Rooms

The House consists of 73 rooms, some of which are Elizabethan and Jacobean Revival styles. The finest rooms are the Dining Room, the Ante-Drawing Room, the Drawing Room, the French Room, the Ball Room, and the Conservatory.  

The scale, detail and finish of the Entrance Hall, Main Hallway and State Rooms together with their furniture are unequalled in Australia. Much of the furniture was ordered especially for the House and shipped out from England is still in daily use.


The Conservatory was originally the formal balcony entrance to the Ball Room from the carriageway.

In 1991 the present Conservatory was constructed faithfully following Porden Kay’s original drawings.

It is used as an extension to the Ball Room and for working breakfasts and small luncheons.

Ball Room

Significant features of the Ball Room are the splendid Huon pine floor, the decorative vaulted ceiling and three magnificent chandeliers.

Noteworthy too are the three large mirrors on the dais which were the largest in the southern hemisphere when installed. This impressive room is used for receptions, investitures, presentations and concerts.

French Room

The wallpaper in the French Room is hand-painted in the French Empire style and the room contains some of the most delicate furniture in the house. Originally a boudoir or ladies’ calling room, it is today a charming curiosity.

Drawing Room

The elaborate plaster ceiling of the Drawing Room reflects the Victorian penchant for decorating rooms with strong patterns and rich colours. This room is used for small receptions, investitures, award presentations and in conjunction with dinners.

Ante-Drawing Room

The Ante-Drawing Room is used to receive guests attending official functions.

Dining Room

A unique feature of the Dining Room is the painted ceiling panels containing the arms of England, Scotland and Ireland. Formal luncheons and dinners to mark special occasions and in honour of visiting dignitaries are held here.

Main Hall

Notable features include elegant arches and natural lighting provided by an atrium.



Drawing Room